The Mushrooming of Engineering colleges have never hindered the progress of the Institution because the vision of CAPE is foresighted and the road map is crystal clear … It is a gifted campus where the presence of the five elements of Nature  – the Pancha Boothangal… The greenery is an Oasis in the southern tip of the State and the   Google Earth has marked   Levengipuram in its map…Energy is the thread that weaves the Institution and at CAPE harvests not only energy but young energetic minds with positive forces…

Technology is product based. Every minute updates technology leaving things obsolete and outdated. Hence an individual has to be informed the day to day changes in the field and implement anything new ..

The progress of the   Each  Discipline grows parallel  with the research activities of the respective department . The outcome of research is product based… and each department develops a  product  Construction using eco friendly and earthquake resistant raw materials has paved way to innovative smart cities  using Appropriate Technology…

The future of CAPE is  promising and its predicts progress and prosperity in the years to come…


Welcome to Cape Institute of Technology…


Imparting Technical Education to the rural students and striving for their betterment in the society


To produce competent engineers with excellent Technical and Interpersonal skills, making them self-reliant with social responsibility

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“A son of the soil who had a deep thirst for Vidhya Dhanam and a vision of establishing an Institute for rural students, to become Engineers and rise to a level of higher Professionals. Began his career as Teacher, the ‘entrepreneur’ in him made him emerge one of the Eminent Industrialists of Renewable Energy. He bridged the Gap between Education and Industry, thereby making Institution stand apart, and stand unique…”



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Cape Institute of Technology

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