Social Responsiblity


In order to create awareness among the students preparing for the PLUS TWO EXAMINATIONS,` we are organizing SAATHIKALAAM VAANGA every year to benefit them.

We have experts in the relevant subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology who give useful tips for facing the examination in the best way and emphasize the key points to be highlighted in the respective subjects. The book prepared by the Experts would definitely increase the efficiency of the efforts taken by the students to come out with flying colors in the forthcoming plus two examinations.


Surabhi is an empowerment program for college students. Surabhi arises in developing the technical skill of the student. Surabhi is offered during the semester vacations, focusing the current/future technology.


Subhiksha is a computer skill development program for school children. The program is successfully executed by Computer Engineer Technical Association (CETA) Dept of CSE for the past six years.


Cape, together with the most popular Tamil newspaper ‘Dinathanthi’ conducts a program for the plus two students, on the opportunities ahead to choose their career. This program has been organised since 2003 and the response of the people is really stunning.

Vetri Nichayam has really branded the name of CAPE in and around the districts and students flock in such programs which are conducted with a service motto. It has really served in the process of lighting lamps in the life of many students who sometimes are left unnoticed in the darkness of ignorance.