ECO Club

Eco- Club: Patron:  Er.I.Krishna Pillai, Chairman, CIT

Eco- Club: Convener:  Dr.N.Azhagesan, Principal, CIT

Eco-Club: Coordinator: Dr.S.Regupathy, Prof. & HOD/Chemistry


Proposals of Eco Club:

  • Proposed to create awareness to all the people in the campus to keep our environment clean and pollution free.
  • Proposed to plant at least 100 trees every year inside the campus in order to make a Green campus.
  • Proposed to give training for the sapling preparations for the members.
  • Proposed to create awareness to minimize the waste and to segregate the waste as bio degradable and non – bio degradable.
  • Proposed to set up a solid waste management system in the campus in coordination with Civil Department.
  • Proposed to give at least one project to the final year students from ECE, EEE and Civil & Mechanical branch based on environmental studies.
  • Proposed to maintain the eco –pond in the campus to maintain a pond eco system.

Club Activities:

  • To construct a team of members both staff and students from each department and periodical meeting to discuss the ways to improve the college environment- within a week time before Nov 15, 2015.
  • To analyze the possibilities of giving projects to the students based on environmental aspects. – During the start of even semester
  • To collect free saplings from Forest department and to organize to plant the trees.- within this month Nov, 2015.
  • To identify the available species in our campus and labeling.- within this month Nov, 2015
  • To do some projects connected with soil, water and air in our campus – During the even semester.


Eco- Club Report


* During the 2nd week of Nov 2015, we have received 600 saplings of      Mahakani  in which around 400 saplings have been planted with the help of Ramasamy and other Gardener.

* In the First week of Dec 2015, on 04.12.2015 around 200 saplings of Teak and Naval trees were received from Forest Department, Aralvaimozhi region.  Planting of these saplings in proper places are located in our campus and all these saplings will be planted within in this month.

Eco- Club Report


Tree Plantation and Saplings received details

Till date tree saplings received so far;

  1. From Cape Poly Technique
  2. Teak  – 120 nos.
  3. Mahakani 120 nos.
  4. Neem 60 Nos.
  5. From Forest Department, Ponmanai
  6. Mahakani – 800
  7. Teak – 400 Nos.
  8. From Forest Department, Aralvaimozhi – Teak  800 Nos.

Total   Tree Saplings received:  2300 nos.

Total tree saplings planted so far:  1100 nos.

Balance saplings in hand:   1200 nos.

Saplings planted area in our College campus:  Main Block, In front of chemistry lab, Volleyball ground, Foot ball ground, EEE block, Near Cow Shed and Eastern side of Mechanical block.