English Club

EVE Centre for Enhancing English

English is a language spoken internationally.  The English raise their collars with pride that   the sun never sets for them. The unique quality of the language is that it is flexible and feasible to the context. An English club is a place for ESL language learners to use English beyond the ESL classroom and in real life situations. The practice of the language skills in the classroom is crucial, but it is not enough to master the language. In the English club, the students have the chance to use different skills and discuss a variety of topics. In addition, there are other goals for creating an English club:

  • Enhancing communication and collaboration.
  • Fostering creativity and innovation.
  • Encouraging autonomous learning.
  • Creating an atmosphere of ease and relaxation.
  • Cultivating good hobbies and habits.
  • Making new friends

The introduction of computers has made learning the language more effective and enthusiastic. Grammar usually is a dry subject and right from the schools, students are not much interested to learn.  But now the language has grown in multi dimensions, thanks to the effort of the computer which has made English a soft skill language. The search engine opens up a new world of innovative. Language- Learning, making language -learning easy and simple. There are several online exercises in different levels which help us master the language from grass root levels. In the club activities ,students feel less academic and more social. The group activities bring a positive energy among the members. The club not only helps in improving language but also builds the leadership skills among our technocrats. Students work in groups to prepare interview questions and conduct mock interviews and Group Discussion. It helps them to equip themselves in soft skills.

Cape provides an audio visual facility for enhancing the LSRW SKILLS – Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing. O’rell  Language Lab support the students in mastering the language.


  • Display of quotes in the campus
  • Quotes in the buses
  • Synonyms in the dept.
  • Know your English
  • Various competitions
  • Word power games in the classes.
  • Extempore speech
  • Group Discussion
  • Mock Interviews



http://wwwbread toasters.com/

There are online exercises and live presentations which can well- equip a student and their communication skills in a professional way , thereby, training the individual to face the interviews and cope up with the basic needs of a software  or any industrial requirements. Campus placement will double in number. Product selling would be easy and value addition would brand the Institution.

The entire functioning would be run by the students, guided by the     Department of English. Many of the students from south who are selected in Technical rounds fail in HR Round only because of language barrier.  English Club is being a bridge to support the students to build up their communication skills.