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  • Cape Renewable Energy Research Center
  • Centre for Advanced Materials
  • Centre for Alternate Fuels
  • Centre for Signal Processing

CRERC (Cape Renewable Energy Research Center)

Cape Renewable Energy Research Center, a brain child of Cape Institute of Technology, is located in a lush green area which happens to be the largest wind energy belt in south east Asia. The germinated idea has been reared by ENFUSE (Energy and Fuel Association of India – a non profit organization) auditing the usage of various forms of energy and Auro Mira Energy, a vigorous promoter of bio-gas energy Cape group of institutions situated in one of the wind passes pod kanyakumari district and nature in the midst of thousands of wind farms projects to emerge also as a premier institution for design development and deployment of high end technology solutions for solar bio-mass and wind energy.

  • Seminar on standards and labeling
  • Signed MoUs with ENFUSE and Auro Mira Energy
  • Presentation by eminent scholors
  • Organized cycle rally through villages to create awareness on renewable energy among rural folk
  • Arranged an exhibition for school students on renewable energy
  • Offers a Post Diploma Certificate on operation and maintenance of Wind Farms
  • In the second phase CRERC will be developing curriculum at the Post Graduate level (M.Tech) in wind energy with renewable energy technologies as the focus